CH Walnut-Mtn. LP Coffee Kiss- Sold













Even though Kiss has been sold with the rest of the herd, I left her info here because we have her two 2019 daughters here with her mama.



DOB: 2/20/2015                                     

2015 -1x Jr. Grand- Dry Leg

2016- 4x 1st

2017- 1 x 1st & Grand Champion

           1 x 3rd

 2018- Grand Champion           


Sire: Castle Rock Lucky Penny

         SS: Castle Rock Black Oak

               SSS: Castle Rock Pound Foolish *S(Castle Rock Bentley *S x SGCH CRF Castle Rock Penny Wise 1*M 3*D VVEE 90)
               SSD: GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M 2*D (Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay ++*S ++B x ARMCH/GCH/PGCH Esperanza                             WS Sara 1*M *D'VG' VEVV 88)
          SD: SGCH CRF Castle Rock Penny Wise
                SDS: CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir +B +S (Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay ++*S ++B x CH-MCH-PGCH Cloverdale YJ Blue                              Raven VEEE 90)
                DDD: Castle Rock Money Penny 2*D (Twin Creeks PD MoneyintheBank +S 'VG' x Ponders End SL Faerie Dust *D)
Dam: Dill's D Iced Coffee
     DS:+B AGS Dill's LD Derringer
                DSS:ARMCH   AGS Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw(MCH HBF Lucky Strike x MCH/PGCH Raja Acres Twink's Pixie                                             *D'E')

               DSD:AGS Promisedland CP Fiddle Deedee (​ARMCH Ceasar's Villa CBS Cowpoke+*S x MCH Green Cate Lil' Red                                   Riding Hood *D,E)

    DD:Dill's BF Cafe Latte
                 DDS:*B NC Promisedland RC Bonafide​ (Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S E90 x ARMSH/SGCH NC Promisedland Beau-Nita                             3*D,2*M (E91 VEEE) )

                DDD:SG AGS NC Promisedland HS Mocha Java 1*M  (MCH Promisedland CP Holy Smoke*S x  MCH Hayseed Farms                             Mocha Gold *D